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Services and Rates

"When life takes it out of you, massage puts it back."


 In our practice there is no such thing as the "50-minute hour". Each client receives a full  30, 60, 90 or 120 minute hands-on session, and we build in plenty of time for discussion and follow-up. You should never feel rushed.

Profound Comfort Massage


Light to medium depth pressure and techniques are used for a customized session aimed for your utmost comfort and relaxation. This session is based on Swedish-style massage. This is our most popular offering.

30 minutes  $45

45 minutes  $60

60 minutes  $75

75 minutes  $90

90 minutes  $105

120 minutes  $140


Intense Relief Massage


An integrative session ranging from medium to deep pressure; trigger point work may be used. In this massage, the focus is on the deepest layers of muscle tissue, tendons and fascia (the protective layer surrounding muscles, bones,and joints) and on harder-to-find spots like muscle insertions and attachments. Injured areas may receive manual therapy in which quasi-static pressure is applied to soft tissue to stimulate release of trigger points that refer pain elsewhere in the body. At times this treatment may feel very intense.

30 minutes  $50

45 minutes  $67.50

60 minutes  $85

75 minutes  $102.50

90 minutes  $120

120 minutes  $160

Ashiatsu Barefoot Massage


Getting its name from the Japanese words "Ashi" (foot) and "Atsu" (pressure), Ashiatsu is the western version of an ancient type of Asian bodywork that is done with the feet. In Ashiatsu, the massage therapist uses bare feet to apply deep, broad compression and effleurage strokes to the client. The work can be very deep without feeling "pointy". The therapist uses bars attached to the ceiling to balance. It is performed on a standard massage table on bare skin with cream or oil. If you're concerned that the pressure may be too much for you, let your therapist know, and she can easily reduce the pressure.

30 Minutes  $45

60 Minutes  $75

90 Minutes  $105

120 Minutes  $140


Manual Lymphatic Drainage


Manual lymphatic drainage (MLD) is a profoundly relaxing massage technique that stimulates the body’s lymph circulatory system. Using a variety of gentle, repetitive movements over the skin, it encourages the flow of lymphatic fluid along lymphatic vessels and through the filtration system of the lymph nodes. The main task of the lymphatic system is to eliminate waste products, toxins and excess fluid from the body. It may slow down or become blocked in places and some of us may have weakened lymphatic systems due to hereditary reasons or as a result of injury or illness. MLD helps the lymphatic system to dispose of waste materials more effectively and quickly, thereby strengthening the immune system, relieving toxic congestion and protecting the body against disease. In the 1930s Dr. Emil and Astrid Vodder developed their method of MLD in Europe. Today, the ‘Vodder method’ is considered the gold standard of MLD practice. MLD can be used for general relaxation, and to help people with a variety of conditions to include fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue syndrome, edema from surgery or traumatic injury, arthritis, migraines, scarring, and more. It is an excellent technique for oncology patients because the light but effective touch is more easily tolerated. We have three therapists who have taken 45 hours of continuing education in the Vodder Method of MLD and are certified manual lymphatic drainage therapists (CMLDT).


30 minutes  $50

60 minutes  $85

90 minutes  $120

120 minutes  $160


Hot Stone Massage


Hot stone massage is a variation on classic massage therapy. Heated smooth, flat stones are placed on key points on the body. The massage therapist may also hold the stones and use them to massage certain areas of the body. The hot stones are usually made of basalt, a type of rock that is rich in iron, so they retain heat. River rocks are normally used because they are so smooth - they have been smoothed over time by the river's current.

The stones are immersed in water and heated in an electric heating device until they are within a certain temperature range. The stones may be placed at specific points on the back, in the palms of the hand, or between the toes. The heat warms and relaxes the muscles, which allows the therapist to apply deeper pressure, if desired. The warmth of the hot stones improves circulation and calms the nervous system.

60 minutes  $90

90 minutes  $120

120 minutes  $155


Couples Massage  


Relax and enjoy a massage for two, featuring two tables and two therapists performing individualized massages. "Intense Relief" sessions can be performed for an upcharge.

30 Minute Couples Massage    $90

60 Minute Couples Massage    $150

90 Minute Couples Massage    $210

120 Minute Couples Massage    $280


Oncology Massage


Oncology massage is the modification of existing massage therapy techniques in order to safely work with complications of cancer and cancer treatment.  Anyone who has ever received cancer treatment, from those in active treatment to those in recovery or survivorship, as well as those at the end of life, are best served by a massage therapist who has received advanced training in oncology massage. 

Essential aspects of an oncology massage therapist's skill set are an informed understanding of the disease itself and the many ways it can affect the human body; the side effects of cancer treatments, such as medications, surgery, chemotherapy and radiation; and the ability to modify massage techniques in order to adapt for these side effects, as well as for the disease.

Denise Sullivan is a Society for Oncology Massage Preferred Practitioner. Preferred Practitioners are practicing massage therapists who have a working knowledge of cancer, its effects on the body and how current medical treatments can affect the patient. Based on that knowledge, they modify standard massage practice to safely mitigate symptoms, improve mood and restore energy.

30 minutes  $45

60 minutes  $75

90 minutes  $105


Pre- and Postnatal Massage


A form of Swedish massage specifically designed to meet the needs of the mother-to-be. Special techniques are used to relieve pain and stress as well as reduce swelling in the legs, ankles and feet.

Some massage therapists will only work on pregnant women once they are beyond the first trimester. Unless the pregnancy is considered high-risk or there is a history of miscarriage, experts agree that this precaution is completely unnecessary. Women with normal pregnancies may safely receive massage throughout their pregnancy. We have two massage therapists who have received advanced training in prenatal massage.

60 minute Prenatal Massage  $75

90 minute Prenatal Massage  $105


It's not called labor for nothing! Having a baby is hard work physically, mentally and emotionally. Women do not completely recover for up to a year. Postnatal massage keeps the specific needs of a mother in mind. The benefits include the release of endorphins to combat baby blues, an increase in milk supply, decrease scarring after cesarean section and relief for your muscles.

60 Minute Postnatal Massage  $75

90 Minute Postnatal Massage  $105